Optimizing Workforce Productivity

Optimizing Workforce Productivity

Task Trainers is already an industry leader in optimizing worker productivity on the manufacturing shop floor. Many production training organizations simply take the current work instructions and train workers on the as-is process. Task Trainers have the deep domain expertise to help the customer discover the true current process, optimize the work instructions, document the new process...and only then train the workforce in the new way of running the process.

Visual Decisions has been working with PTC’s Expert Capture augmented reality solution for many years. The AR solution facilitates the capturing and documenting the process and executing the training in an engaging new way. However, many companies "Pave the Cowpath" by simply using the technology to capture and train the as-is process instead of taking the chance to optimize the process before running the training program.

VDI and Task Trainers are joining forces to create an enhanced approach to Optimizing Workforce Productivity. Using the technology to ease the capture of the current process, document the to-be process and create superior training, but also using the deep skillset of Task Trainers to improve the work instructions.

Don’t pave the cowpaths. Optimize your Workforce Productivity.

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