Creating an Industry 4.0 Culture

Creating an Industry 4.0 Culture

Would you buy a Fitbit if you weren't going to exercise?

Unfortunately, buying and wearing a Fitbit doesn't automatically cause you to lose weight. I wish it did! But even with the Fitbit, you still have to change your behaviors to exercise more and eat less to accomplish your goals.

But just like wearing a fitbit doesn't automatically make you lose weight, implementing Industry 4.0 technologies without changing behaviors won't drive results.

When embraced (and used on a daily basis) by your people, Industry 4.0 technologies can have an enormous impact on your company by adding new capabilities to the business. These capabilities can directly plug value leaks in the business such as downtime, scrap and inventory.

In our upcoming webinar we will drive into the details of how companies such as yours can create a culture that embraces these new capabilities to drive positive change in your business.