Lean Industry 4.0

Implementing Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation technologies can help drive great improvements in operations. Our customers have seen dramatic improvements such as 30% increases in OEE, 50% scrap reductions, and much more.

But just like wearing a Fitbit won't automatically make you thin, implementing technology for Industry 4.0 won't automatically make the business better. The culture of the organization and the business processes must be adapted to take advantage of the new capabilities to drive real improvements.

That is why we have a unique approach to combining the smart factory and the lean factory to create a "Real-Time Lean" environment. We work with our customers to adapt the processes to take advantage of the new capabilities and help our customers establish a true data-driven manufacturing culture.

Partner Solutions & Services

There are many efficiency enablers provided by Industry 4.0 technologies
When these technology enablers are combined with world-class lean processes, it is possible to drive tremendous value for your company

I-IoT & AR Platform Solution

Big Data Providers

Supply Chain Solutions

Business Intelligence & Machine Learning