About Visual Decisions

At Visual Decisions we provide transformational solutions and services that cover from the shop floor to the executive suite

We support companies looking to implement the latest Industry 4.0 and Machine Learning techniques; as well as those companies that are laser focused on getting great at the basics 

We begin each engagement by identifying the root causes for the current levels of performance and build a roadmap to breaking through each of those barriers

Whether the solution involves the Industrial Internet of Things, Supplier Performance, Business Performance Management or Machine Efficiency, we will help you ensure that your people and processes are able to take advantage of the new capabilities to drive enhanced business performance




About Tim Stuart

Tim Stuart is Founder and President of Visual Decisions, Inc. He has been working with companies across industries for the past 25 years to optimize manufacturing and other business operations with the combination of Lean Six Sigma and Data Analysis.

Visual Decisions has been at the forefront of solving business for companies by helping them apply new capabilities to fundamentally improve their overall business process. The methodology and approach he and his team have developed helped companies drive results such as a 50% reduction in scrap and 25% improvement in throughput.

Those results have been driven across a wide variety of industries such as Automotive and Industrial, Consumer Package Goods, Food and Beverage, Life Sciences and many others.

Tim has two degrees in Operations Research from the University of Illinois.